War Diary’s April 7, 1945

Troops movements towards Deventer and up north

The enemy is not far away

Toronto Scottish Regiment (MG) CIC
7 April 
Cloudy with some rain early in the morning but cleared late in the afternoon. Bn HQ moved today to MR 075983 in the outskirts of HOLTEN. CO returned to BHQ today having been with the forward Bde ever since the 28 Mar when he crossed the Rhine with 6 Bde HQ. A coy pls remained in the same posn today with the exception of 3 pl which moved to MR 08520522 where they were kept busy, targets being called almost every hour. 4 pl fired in support of Cams of C and SSRs. B coy HQ moved again with 4 Bde HQ, this time to MR 054018. 6 pl moved tot MR 097029 an 7  to 081034 this afternoon […]

South Saskatchewan Regiment
7 Apr 45
MR 079058
Sh 3704
At 0140 hrs a recce party was sent out to recce a new psn for Cmd Post near the canal crossing.
At 0200 hrs Comd Post arrive at their new HQ  MR 079058 and by this time coys had reported in concentration and waiting for   [???, unreadable] hour.
At 0250 hrs a report was received for Major G Stilles, that the assault boats had not arrived so Lt-Col V Stott, DSO, set the zero hour back half an hour.
At 0305 hrs word was received that the assault boats had arrived and everyone breathed a sigh of relief as no one was looking forward to swim.
At 0320hrs members of Bn HQ were sitting huddeled in a bsement 4 ft by 12 ft  anxiously waiting for the sond of shells. Suddenly, amidst the sound of “Roger out” and the chatter carried on by the members of the Comd Post gp, the first shell was heard, and a sigh of relief went up, vor it denoted the beginning of the crossing of the SCHIPBEEK CANAL.
At 0330 hrs arty was reported falling short in C coy’s posn so Lt-Col V Stott, DSO, stopped the fire. The shells were reported landing in area MR 065066.
At 0345 hrs our scouts had returned from D coy with 1 pw, later identified as belonging to the Pioneeer coy of the Pioneer Training Bn, 6 Para Div.
At 0350 hrs D coy reported 2 pls on ther objective.
At 0400 hrs C Coy reported “Orange” complete and 0403 hrs D coy had reported “Cherry” complete.
At 0405 hrs A coy and B coy were geven orders to move across the canal.
At 0440 hrs A coy reported “Pineapple” complete. At this time the bn had all  four coys across the canal with three on their objectives.
At 0535 hrs B coy reported on “Apple” thus reporting the bn on its objective and closing another chapter in a very successful operation.
Comd Post then moved across the canal to D coy area t “Cherry” and the bde codeword was sent in “Stokehold” at 0630 hrs. at 0630 hrs. Position MR 074074.
At 0655 hrs the A Tk guns were ferried across the canal and arrived in C coy’s area. During the procedure Capt J Allen, OC A Tk pl was wounded..
By 1330 hrs all coys reported their rations had arrived. During the ferrying across the canal 1 of the amn carriers  forgot to stop on the ferry and ended up in the bottom.
At 1340  hrs 13 mor PW were brought in by Sp coy, bringing the bn total up to 1 offr and 78 OR plus  the caprue of one wireless set.
At 1400 hrs Lt-Col V Stott , DSO, decided to extend his bridgehedad and moved D coy forward tot MR 075075.
During the movement of D coy a message was received from Major AM Matheson stating:- “We will have a meternity case on our hands within two hours: Can you get her out?” All coys incl the CO immediately sent Major AM Matheson a message of congratulations on his fine work. Capt AH Stephenson arrived to assist and took comd of the situation by moving the woman out in his jeep.
At 1540 hrs D coy reported complete on their new posn.
At 1545 hrs 2 Lts reported to Lt-Cp; V Stott, DSO, namely: Lt GS Blake and Lt JD Armstrong. Lt GS Blake has been with the bn about six months and is considered an old timer.  He was posted to carrier pl as  2 IC. Lt JD Armstrong was posted to B coy as pl comd.
At 1600 hrs the mortar kpl reported in psn and ready for action at MR 077055.
At 1640 hrs the Fus MR reported a counter attack on their C coy psn. Enemy strength was estimated to be around 1 pl. The counter attack was succesfullly beaten off.
The rest of the day passed quietly. The IO made the round sof the cous and laid on patrols to keep in touch with the enemy. A cou to contact B coy of the Cans of C on our left. C coy to send a patrol out northeast. D coy to send a patrol to line of railway and rd. Petrols were to leave at 2100 hrs and return by 0100 hrs. Their job was to contact the enemy, find out their strength and return. This was  crried out and both patrols reported in (See patrol report and trace).
During the night “Jerry” behaved himself so the men were able to get a well deserved rest.
Weather: Sunnny and clear with cool wind.

The Calgary Highlanders
Sheet 3703
Tac HQ 064996
7 Apr 45
There was no further word of a move when the Bn roused at 0700hrs and with the exception of being ready to move any time, routine went on as usual with all ranks getting as much rest as possible. Coy Comdrs were called in at 0900hrs and given what information the C.O. had and a huddle was called at Bde for 1030hrs. Coy Comdrs were once more called in at 1330hrs and told that a possible move time was 1700hrs, all depending on the progress made by the RHC building a bridge at 076060.

1st Bn Black Watch (RHR) of Canada
7th. Apr., Sat.
Weather – overcast with showers.
The men spent a quiet day today. In the late afternoon an 0 Gp. was called where it was  announced that we will be moving up tomorrow to a concentration area on the outskirts of HOLTEN, which town will be the next Bn. objective. Movies were shown in the afternoon and again in the evening..

1 C Scot R
April 7
Total strength: Officers, 40    Other Ranks, 824.
Cloydy and cool in the morning, mild in the afternoon.
Today the Bn rested in their areas at EPSE, being reminded occasionally that the enemy is not far away when the odd shells came hurtling in. We weren’t in the position nor the mood, to be aggressive today; but that din’t mean we wouldn’t get in the mood if the opportunity presented itself.
1400 A reccde party left to recce a new concentration area at OKSE (sqs 9705, 9704). 
1700 The Command Post followed the Coys to the Conc Area and became established at 967042 ( for disposition of Coys see Trace). All Coys spent a quiet night and cought up on a bit of needed rest.
Casualties: Officers: Sick: Lt H. Bernhardt Lt R. Cumming    Other Ranks: Wounded: 5

12 Canadian Field Regiment R.C.A.
T-day we fired a great number of targets into DEVENTER. Had some medium shelling of our guns, no casualties and no damage done. We fired some red smoke for the “tiffies”. The weather has been perfect for our aircraft and they seem to be making good use of it. OPs report the visibility as excellent. Capt L.F. KIRKPATRICK received his majority and takes over command of 16 Bty

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